Melanie Haynes

Melanie Haynes has been a professional actress and voice over performer for 25 years. It all started when, at age two, she began performing by reciting nursery rhymes while standing on the kitchen table. She was born in and grew up in a very small town in Kansas - Cherokee, Kansas population 800. She satisfied the performing urge by cheer leading, twirling, debate, drama, band, choir, etc. After graduating, her family moved to Texas where she received a bachelor's degree and teaching certificate in Theater and English in Houston. Then, she pursued a dancing career for several years with the Houston Jazz Ballet Company under the direction of Patsy Swayze.After four years with the company, she decided it was time to pursue her first love - acting. Having been blessed with a good voice in addition to acting ability, she decided to look into voice over work to multiply her chances of keeping busy and avoiding having to get a "real job". As it turned out, there were many more professional v

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